Starrett 12" Hardened Steel Combo Square


This aint no Red Square that's gonna get you a shit ton of followers and make your epoxy flow like wine, this is a solid piece of real American Manufacturing and will make you into a respectable human once you wield this thing over your project. Starrett combo squares with the smooth finish are Hardened Steel opposed the cheaper Wrinkle Finished versions which are cast steel, I personally buy the Hardened steel when available. This combo square is in very great shape and complete with scribe, its the best one I have for sale.

I have checked all combo squares against my new Starrett, any that are for sale are still square today. For further tool clean up to improve performance: Clean inside the rule slide with a pick and oil the rule hold along with the spring, any nicks on the Steel Faces can be smoothed out with some sandpaper or a file.

All tools have only been cleaned and de-rusted to the point where the buyer can see the true condition and potential of the plane. They have not been tuned nor sharpened unless stated otherwise. (120)

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