Stanley no.8C SW Type 13 (384)


Stanley no.8C Type 13 (1925-1928)

I'm calling this a project plane and is why the discounted price. Its a culmination of little things that add up and will need attention to make this a beautiful user. The horn on the rear tote is chipped, original blade was cracked so I replaced with a usable Record blade, lever cap has a chip in the corner which can be lapped out, although it doesn't need to be removed the screw that holds the small plate onto the lower rear portion of the frog is seized and it did not come out with the little effort I tried. With some tender sweet love you can bring this beauty back to being the beast of jointer plane it once was, all other parts have been removed and cleaned, everything functions as it should.

All hand planes have only been cleaned and de-rusted to the point where the buyer can see the true condition and potential of the plane. They have not been tuned nor sharpened unless stated otherwise.

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