High Voltage Black Walnut Serving / Cutting Board - 5


Handmade Live Edge cutting/serving board with Black Walnut

This is a one of kind live edge Black Walnut that can be used as a cutting board on the clean side while the high voltage size can be used as a very unique serving board.

The high voltage on this Black Walnut is known as "Lichtenburg Figure," its a process in which I use a baking soda/water mixture as a conductor while passing 15,000 volts of electricity through two probes. The result is this beautiful pattern that burns into the wood.

Dimensions: 24" X 10" X 7/8"

This board was soaked in food grade mineral oil and then finished with my Organic Board Cream

Take comfort in knowing, no stains or dyes were ever used in any of the hardwoods my cutting boards are handcrafted from. The rich colors you see, are indeed the natural wood beauty of the wood.

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